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Download Game ∞ Infinity Loop Free

∞ Infinity Loop is the most trending game in 2016. This is a simple, relaxing and endless puzzle games. It can be considered a puzzle game about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: “connecting multiple things” and make fun out of it.

How to play Game ∞ Infinity Loop:

 – The goal of the loop game: Connect all the lines and corners to make perfect connections. It is like killing the chaos and reaching perfection.

 – Blueprints – rotate the fragments on the screen by tapping them with your finger. Make a picture out of the fragments. 

 – The goal of the Black mode: Making disconnections, breaking it all and not leaving a single piece connected.

 – Improve your observation skills, logic, and intelligence in this exciting game for Android. 

 –  Fragments can’t be moved, but they can be rotated. Use this ability and match fragments into continuous lines.

Try to complete each task as fast as possible.

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