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Ice Age Avalanche Download

Ice Age Avalanche game offers level-based missions, each with a different goal. Stockpile stages, for instance, ask players to earn a large number of points in a limited number of moves, while Acorn Avalanche levels ask users to move acorns to the bottom of the screen for collection, and so on.

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Join Sid, Manny and Diego on an epic Ice Age journey in search of a long-forgotten treasure in this brand-new puzzle adventure from the makers of Ice Age Village and Ice Age Adventures! Slide fruit in any direction as you race to reach the treasure and compete against your favorite characters. Challenge your friends to match-3 “”snowdowns”” and rule the leaderboard!

– Battle the ice

– A world of icy wonder

– Chill & swipe with friends

Ice Age Avalanche is android games free download monetized via this lives system, as players can purchase additional lives instantly. In addition, as players progress, they unlock various power-ups which can be purchased between stages.

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