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Heroes of Bangladesh have achieved their freedom through nine months long bloodshed liberation war in 1971. Heroes of 71, the common people of Bangladesh fought dauntlessly with almost no training or arms against a highly trained Armed Force of Pakistan. This game is designed to portray the battles between the war heroes of Bangladesh and enemy occupational force.

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Heroes of 71 is a third person shooter game. Depicting the true nature of the Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, three heroes will fight against the enemy army with different static strategic positions and weapons.

Defend your motherland, fight till your last breathe.

Withstand all the attacks of the enemy and be a hero.

Take advantage of different positioning of heroes, covering fire and take cover.
Feel the HEROISM in you.

This Android game will take you to 1971 to Bangladesh Liberation War. Rebel squad enters the camp with woman kidnapped by the Pakistani military. In the camp the heroes are joined by a fearless partisan Anil. Help the soldiers go through the camp, sneak up on enemies, and eliminate them quietly. Get rifles and other weapons. Explode the bridge over the canal.

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