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Download Game Gears logic puzzles Free

Game Gears logic puzzles – A free relaxing puzzle game with nice graphics will bring a lot of fun to children and adults. An application for the whole family. Train your intelligence in an exceptional game.

The goal of the game is to connect all the gears so that they rotate. You have for this several ordinary gear wheels of different sizes. You can move them and connect them to each other.

Game components:

• A green gear wheel. It makes all other gear wheels turn.

• Ordinary gear wheels. Move them with your finger.

• Blue gear wheel. It shall be spinned with a finger.

• Red gear wheels. The aim of the game is to make them all spin at the same time.

• Rusty gear wheels. They wedge all gear wheels engaged with them. Pass them by.

• A giant ring gear wheel with internal teeth. You can place small gear wheels inside it.

• Gravitation. The gear wheels are falling down.

• Restricted area. You cannot put the center of gear wheels on it.

• A rail (rack gear). A rack. An obstacle that you can move aside.

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Some main features of Game Gears logic puzzles:

 – Four visual themes to choose from: wood, ice, metal and marble.

 – 1000 unique levels full of fun and amazing challenges!

 – Educational game.

 – No WIFI? You can play offline in anytime.

 – You can create your own levels.

 – No time limit.

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