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Experience the visceral thrill of combat in this fast-paced, cinematic action game. Your nemesis Storm Shadow has rounded up an army of deadly Arashikage ninja and must be stopped! 

Game G.I. Joe: Strike – guide the superhero martial artist who knows how to shoot through many fights with evil ninjas and other enemies. Stop the wily villain who created an army of ninjas in this free games download for Android. Lead your hero on, overcome many obstacles along the way. Fight ninjas, fire at them from different small arms, use a sword and martial arts. Defeat crowds of enemies and try to get to the base of the main villain. Collect special cards that help the hero improve abilities.

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Lead your own covert mission as Snake Eyes, the iconic G.I. Joe commando in G.I. Joe: Strike by Backflip Studios. Switch effortlessly between martial arts and gunplay to halt waves of encroaching enemies.


+ Easy to use, responsive touch controls are quick to learn, but challenging to master.

+ Dynamic, engaging combat featuring a mix of martial arts, swords, and modern weaponry.

+ Collect and upgrade 100+ ability cards to strengthen Snake Eyes.

+ Venture through several iconic G.I. Joe locations to wipe out the ninja threat.

+ Find your rhythm in combat to become the ultimate ninja commando!

This past G.I.Joe Con, 2015 proves that the franchise is alive and well. As such, Backflip Studios is working with Hasbro to bring a new game for our favorite ninja from the classic cartoon with G.I. JOE Strike. You’ll play as Snake Eyes as he fights his way through enemy ninja to face off in the ultimate showdown against his rival, Storm Shadow.

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