Game FreeStyle Baseball2

Game FreeStyle Baseball 2 free download for Android

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Game FreeStyle Baseball2 free download

FreeStyle Baseball 2 Is Back Featuring 3D Cartoon Rendering and Spectacular Graphics!!!!!!!!
Real-time Street PvP Baseball Game! How about Playing FreeStyle Baseball during Your Lunch Break?

 Go on a baseball stadium or just outside. Throw a ball and hit it with a bat. Win intense matches. In this game for Android you’ll be able to choose among the many heroes with unique parameters. Control a hero and fight 1v1 with strong opponents. You can practice, gain experience, and improve your hero.

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Some main active features of Game FreeStyle Baseball2 :

Sport Game that Offers Real-time PvPs in Style!

– Characters, Catchers and the Bat Growth Card System! Upgrade and Fuse Your Character!

– Intuitive PvPs Inspired by 1-on-1 Street Baseball!

– Immersive Duels that Resonate with Realistic Baseball Thrills!

– Delicate “Drag & Drop” Controls for the Professional Mode, and the Normal Mode featuring Auto-targeting!

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