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Download Game Dots and Boxes Free

Dots and Boxes is board games free download – Maybe the most feature-rich and challenging implementation of the classic Dots and Boxes game. This application offers very challenging Artificial Intelligence as well as many other features. The AI in the advanced difficulty levels is able to predict and anticipate the future moves.

The rules of game Dots and Boxes:

 – The player that completes a four side box has the oportunity to play one more time.

 – The player that will complete the most boxes wins the game.

 – Touch in between two dots to mark a line. Your goal is to complete a four side box.

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Main features of Dots and Boxes:

 – Four AI difficulty levels: very-easy,easy, medium, hard.

 – Ability to choose player name and your favourite colour

 – Ability to set the game speed. 3 game speed level : slow, normal, fast.

 – Quick match. No irritating menus just hit the launch icon and you are inside the action.

 – Multiple board sizes.

  – Ability to share your statistics and end-game screenshots with friends.

 – Statistics section for viewing your results against the computer.

 – Clever Artificial Intelligence which anticipates future moves.

 – Play against friends or against computer.

 – Undo button.

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