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Game Dice Cast is a casual board game for everyone. A one thing that you need to know is how to roll the dice.

Dice cast – throw dice and move your hero along the track according to the number of dots on the dice sides. Get to finish first.

Rule is simple. Cast the dice and make it to the finish line. But your rival will not let you make it that easy.

The result of every game is unpredictable as it depends on luck when you throw dice. Besides, you will meet traps and bonuses on the track, you can also get advantage of character’s abilities to fight against opponents. Compete with players from all over the world and increase your rating.

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Some main features of Game Dice Cast:

– Rule is simple. Role your dice and make it to the finish line faster than your rivals from all around the world.

– Choose your character and enjoy the game on full 3D stages

– you can acquire various skills from each stage. The skills will help you to get easier victories from ranking matches.

– Compete with players from all around the world through Single matches and Team matches.

– No one can predict the results of matches. Enjoy the thrilling gaming experience.

– Compete with players from high ranker channels. It guarantees better rewards.

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