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Free Download Game Death Shooter 2 : Zombie killer

Death Shooter 2 : Zombie killer is a shooting game free download. Let’s enjoy a 3D zombie FPS game on your Android with Death Shooter 2:Zombie killer now.

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How to play :

– upgrade your weapon’s magazine to increase capacity and reduce reloads.

– upgrade your weapon’s silencer to increase critical.

– upgrade your weapon’s scopes to increase damage and zoom.

– upgrade levels increase hp max value.

 – equipment silencer will not be found in few times to killer Enemy .

– kill npc before he alert will not spotted.

– kill star Enemy will get surprise.

– bomb coming get behind cover will safe.

Many people were pleased to play. Be quick to download game Death Shooter 2 : Zombie killer on the same machine to experience the fun, bring about relaxation after hours of studying stress.

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