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Game Chinese Checkers free download

Game Chinese Checkers is a Simple & Fun classic board games that can be played by two to six people! It is a variant of Halma. Move all your blue marbles from your blue base across to the opposite green base.

How to play game Chinese Checkers :

– You can move a marble to the space right next to it.

– You can jump over another marble in a straight line – even skipping empty spaces.

– After jumping over a marble, you can jump again in the same turn.

– You cannot end a move in a base that is not yours or the green goal base, but you can jump in there and jump back out during a turn.

Features of game Chinese Checkers :

– Support 1-6 Multi-players!

– Play against 1-5 computers AI with 4 levels

– Classic memorable theme

– Support Apps2SD

– User-friendly interface

– Auto save game

– Multiple Language

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