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Game Caveman Adventure – adventure games free download for your mobile. The story follows a caveman’s kids are taken by a dinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kids in the dinosaur world.

This is a 2D action-adventure side scroll game developed by STEM studios. It brings the memories of our old kid games like Mario and Islander game, with improved graphics and sound effects. In its pacing and structure, Caveman Adventure game is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game, with 4 worlds that contain plot twists. The game itself consists of 20 stages, and the adventure is continued by 4 special worlds.

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Main features of Game Caveman Adventure:

+ Have 20 Dinosaur birds.

+ Have 1 Boss to defeat.

+ Have Four different adventure worlds.

+ Have One perfectly designed fly background.

+ Have One perfectly designed cave background.

+ Have 20 levels to reach the Boss Dinosaur.

+ Have lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land

+ Have checkpoints to save the progress in this adventure world.

+ Have cool sound effects & background music.

+ Support SD card installation.

Download Caveman Adventure and start playing for free today! 

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