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Cartoon Wars – an excellent game uniting genres of strategy, RPG and “a wall on a wall”.

Two tribes existed in the Cartoon World; the vicious Color Tribe and their slaves, the Black and White Cartoon Tribe. For generations the Black and White Cartoon Tribe were treated as property, and forced into slavery.

Here two conflicting tribes, a tribe of color heroes and a tribe of the black-and-white met in a mortal fight. You are waited for by more than 20 types of armies and 16 different upgrades for soldiers, castle, weapon and other bonus means. Your task is to protect the tower. If the enemy army destroys it, you will lose.

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Some main features of Game Cartoon Wars:

 – Over 20 types of units and 16 different upgrades for troops, castle, weapon and productivity items

 – Play through an infinite number of stages slaughtering endless number of enemies

 – Keep track of your ranking and see how you compare against the rest of world

 – Produce your unit, aim your bow and destroy the enemy’s castle

 – Determine the dispatchment of your troops and help them to become veteran units

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