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Game Carrom Board free download

Game Carrom Board is android games free download for your mobile. Be quick to download Game Carrom Board on the same machine to experience the fun, bring about relaxation after hours of studying stress.

How to play Game Carrom Board:

Game has four components: Striker, Queen, Black and White. Set Striker to desired position by dragging it. Set Hitter to desired position by dragging hitter on large round at bottom. Make move by tapping centre circle on large round at bottom. 2/4 players can play at a time.

In case of four players, players sitting opposite to each other make a team. Each of the player/team has to pocket coins in turn. Player/Team finishing his/her coins first wins the game. Pocketed opponent coins will be awarded to opponent.

 If player pockets all coins but queen is still there on board, that player/team loses game.Queen must be followed by a coin. Pocketing Striker causes FOUL and penalty of a coin, if there are pocketed coins.

We hope you are enjoying the game as much as we do and welcome any kind of feedback.

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