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 Call Of ModernWar:Warfare Duty Download

Call Of Modern War Warfare Duty for Android is now available bringing an Air Dogfight to your Android Screens, feel the speed and power of a Jet Fighter Plane as you go through intense Flying experience as well as a close death Experience. Fight the ACE with modern aircraft. The Missile System in the Air-craft can be updated time by time, make sure to get the best mechanism out there and destroy the hell out of everyone. Use your Clever Strategies and get out of enemy base without being spotted and make as much as destruction as possible. Long Distances doesn’t matter anymore, all you need is a good aim and you are good to go.

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New missile system is waiting for you to master!
Have you ever imagined that you could use clever strategy in sky combat game to get much much more fun?
No matter in long distance fight or in face to face dogfight,you would have the right weapon to kill your enemies

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Game Call Of ModernWar Warfare Duty for Android is sure to give you the best Air Combat experience of all times. The history will come alive as you get to use the Old Air-Crafts as well. The controls are smooth and good, you won’t be going through any training to control it.


+ Varied and powerful weapons could be used in any situation!
+ Beautiful environments!
+ Easy to learn hard to master!
+ Exciting VFX effect!
+ Smooth and simple aircraft control system!
+ Cutting edge 3D graphic!
+ 16 modern warplanes in real history!
+ Nice optimized,running on old devices and only need no more than 50MB space

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