California Straight 2 Compton

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California Straight 2 Compton Download

California straight 2 Compton – take part in a gang war over the city. Shoot from different weapons, dodge the return enemy fire. The hero of this Android games free download is trying to return the top position to his gang. Help him do dangerous tasks. Get high-quality weapons and equipment. Engage in fierce street skirmishes with members of rival gangs. Steal cars and take part in car chases. Get control over different areas of the city, destroy opponents and competitors.

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California straight 2 compton game feaatures:
+ Buy guns, cars and rule the streets of the hood
+ Earn money and provide yourself with best guns and ammo around
+ Try to control 100% of the neighborhood
+ Look for the right gun and take over the hood
+ Check out the different rides and guns in the store

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