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Game Bump sheep – black and white sheep clashed in uncompromising battles for glorious meadows. Sheep are stubborn and won’t cede the pasture to their rivals. Help your sheep defeat the rivals in traditional sheep style, headbutting. Train your reaction and tap the screen at the right moment so your sheep can speed up and defeat the opponent. Get different achievements.

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In this Android game you can challenge your friends and play one device multiplayer. In order to eat the best grass in the grassland, they start a contest to determine which herd will win. Bump Sheep has a unique mix of good strategy and quick reflex. You can play it in single-player mode against the computer. Or yon can play it with your friend in the same device for more fun.

Bump Sheep is free games download, one of our selected Animal Games. Bump into fellow sheep while collecting colorful eggs at the park! This animals game challenges you to bring all of your eggs to the tablecloth. If you bump into another animal, you will take control of it. Run with the pig to fill your energy gauge!

Game Features:

– Duel mode

When the countdown is over, you need to tap on screen at the right moment to beat your competitor.

– Player vs Player or Player vs Al

You can play with your friend on the same phone or tablet to compete at same time. You will be able to play both the Strategy mode and the Duel mode. In the Player vs AI, you can play both the Strategy mode and Duel mode with the advanced built-in Artificial Intelligence.

– Easy and Fun

Easy to learn and easy to play with stunning graphics for best user experience.

-Strategy mode

Tap on the correct field to place your sheep. You will gain points either by reaching the end of the runway or by eating grass. Your sheep have different strengths. The key to win is to place the right sheep at the right runway. Sometimes, in order to win the overall battle, you may have to sacrifice some partial setbacks.

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