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Download Game Basketball Battle (Beta) Free For Android

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Download Game Basketball Battle (Beta) Free

Basketball Battle is a free action game for the Android simple and super fun, that you can easily play with friends. Thanks to split screen mode, made for two players, you’ll get to have a great time on the same Android with your friend.

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Some main creative features of Basketball Battle (Beta):

– Big shot blocks and dunks!
– 2 player!
– Easy moving and shooting!
– Use pump fakes!
– Score layups!
– Shoot fade aways!
– Get steals!
– Juke and cross over to get to the basket!
– Win big games and upgrade your team!

In this game, you’ll need to be extra careful of your players resistance levels. If they get too tired, you’ll need to move a little to make up their energy. When they get dehydrated your only option will be to switch players from the bench and bring in a new player. Each athlete, of course, has their own attributes and skills.

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