Game Baseball Kings 2015 !

Game Baseball Kings 2015 Free Download

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Baseball Kings 2015  Free Download

Game Baseball King 2015 is best free android game. Get your players in shape so that they can play at their maximum performance. You can also raise batting average and improve the pitching ball’s speed up to 110MPH !
Work hard and build yourself an unbeatable team. Lead your team to World Series Champion !

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Some main creative features of Game Baseball King 2015

– Easy, fun and realistic

– Uses real data, photos, and stats

– Real Baseball Strategies

– Different game modes and difficulty levels

– Individual player statistics

How to play Game Baseball King 2015:

– Put your finger on the ball and flick forward.

– Throw the ball following the pitching guideline and in a direction where the catcher is leading to.

– If you flick your finger a shorter, the ball is thrown low.

– The gauge of the arrow shows ball’s amount of spin.

– The ball curves toward the direction of the arrow, so throw it to the opposite direction to fix it.

– The larger the amount of spin on the ball, throw it by tilting your finger at a proper angle .

– Press the fireball button you can pitch an extremely powerful ball.

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