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Download Game Age of Empires:WorldDomination Free

The all-time favorite Age of Empires real-time strategy series with over 20 million copies sold worldwide can now be played on your smartphone. DOMINATE the world in this next generation mobile real-time strategy game!

Game Age of Empires:WorldDomination – go to the are of fearless warriors and brave knights to create a better army of great civilizations. Travel back in time, where you select a period and repeat the story or correct errors in large-scale battles. Get your vast army of soldiers, improve and protect your empire from enemy attacks, and get valuable resources to improve army and replenish it. Develop tactics, explore the world, and become the most legendary commander!

ENGAGE in Real-Time Battles with Legendary Heroes. Choose from the many Civilizations of the world and relive epic battles from history. Rewrite history by creating and evolving your very own empire… all with simple, intuitive gameplay optimized for mobile!

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CREATE Your Empire

– Shape your empire with numerous technologies.

– Limitless empire customization, with structures from history’s greatest civilizations.

– Recreate historical empires by mastering all the technologies of a single Civilization, or build your very own ultimate empire by picking the technologies you want!

BATTLE in Real Time

– Adapt to the tide of battle and respond to your opponents with units to counter their tactics.

– Explore the map, know your terrain, and work out the best battle plan.

– Build powerful siege weapons and lay waste to your opponent – all in real-time!

OPTIMIZED for Mobile

– Manage your empire and deploy advanced tactics in battle with simple and intuitive touch gestures.

– Take command yourself, or let the AI fight in Auto mode.

– Tap, drag, and swipe your way to victory!

DOMINATE the World

– Build your ultimate army from over 100 legendary heroes and various types of soldiers.

– Heroes include: Joan of Arc, King Arthur, Oda Nobunaga, Cao Cao, Knut the Great, and more!

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