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Game 4 in a Row free download

Game 4 in a Row is mobile games free download . Play Four in a Row at Math Playground! Can you line up 4 colored discs before your opponent does?

Play against your friends, beat the computer or look for opponents from around the world to see who has the better tactics or strategy to win the game. In “4 in a Row” the players take turns dropping colored discs into a grid. The aim of the game is to connect a row of four of one’s own colour, either vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

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– Play against the computer:

With the local single-player mode you can improve your “4 in a Row” skills. Play against the computer, who tries to figure out your tactics and strategy in three levels of difficulty.

– Local game against friends:

Play “4 in a Row” on one device against your friend. Similar rules of the game as in the local single-player mode. However you don’t play against the computer, but against each other on only one device and take turns dropping the discs to get four discs in one row. The better tactics and strategy will show who is better and lead to a win!

– Play against international users:

Look for “4 in a Row” opponents worldwide. The all-time classic “4 in a Row” is available internationally and you can play online against gamers from around the world. A flag shows you where your opponent comes from. As soon as your opponent has installed the free app, the games can begin.

Be quick to download Game 4 in a Row on the same machine to experience the fun, bring about relaxation after hours of studying stress

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