Fluffy Shuffle – Match-3 Game

Fluffy Shuffle - Match-3 Game Free Download

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Fluffy Shuffle – Match-3 Game Download

Join the dreamy world of Fluffy Shuffle and accomplish exciting crafty missions: save the sheep lost in the patchwork, unsew buttons and remove sewing threads that block the pieces to move forward in your journey stitch by stitch. The most important task, though, is to let your inner artist android gamesĀ  free download!

Fluffy Shuffle-Match-3 Game is a title of logical reasoning so much fun that will draw the attention especially of people who enjoy games such as Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled, for example. So as you can imagine, your goal is to connect items of the same type to destroy them.

How to play:
– Different obstacles will challenge you.
– Use special pieces to eliminate groups of plushies.
– Unsew layers of fabric and buttons, remove sewing threads and solve the puzzle!
– Set your creativeness free and match similar colorful plushies. It is simple like that!
– Try to achieve high score matching three or more pieces of the same color.
– Several missions make the game more and more exciting!

There is no time limit during the matches, which means you can carefully review the scenario to do always the most advantageous possible movements. As you advance, the scenarios will change shape and may include some obstacles to further complicate his life.

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