Flick Home Run! baseball game

Flick Home Run ! Baseball Game free download

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Flick Home Run! baseball game free download

Flick Home Run! baseball game is a game in which you can experience various throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation. Download the  Flick Home Run now and enjoy the intense sports game

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Features of Flick Home Run! baseball game :

– Easy Control : You only use flick to control the batting for this game

– Movement of the ball : Various kinds of throws are materialized into “real-life like” feelings

– You can enjoy this game through 5 kinds of mode.

– Good Challenge Range.

– Good for Road Trips.

– Great for Tablets, solid Interface.

Be quick to download Flick Home Run! baseball game on the same machine to experience the fun, bring about relaxation after hours of studying stress. You don’t have to pay because it’s android game free download .


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