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Download Game Extreme City GT Racing Stunts Free

Are you ready to beat the world record jump ?? If yes, then what are you waiting for ? Take one level high in the Jet car stunts world. World’s longest stunt racer Ramp has been set. Extreme city GT: Racing stunts – go full throttle on your sports car, overtake your rivals, and do amazing jumps.

Reckless Car Stunts 3d is a new challenging stunt racing game. Become a StuntMan and drive a car through the obstacles and other automobiles. Clear all grand auto jump levels with this challenging car 3d stunt simulation.

In this dynamic Android game you can show your driving skills on extreme tracks. The track has steep turns, loops, and huge long ramps. Step on the gas, use nitro, and take off into the air from ramps. Do dizzying stunts and get rewards. Try not to fly off the track or wreck your car. Buy new cars and improve them.

Some main features of Extreme City GT Racing Stunts:

 – World Longest Car Racer-Jump : Get ready for History’s longest pro car racer jump. Jump and land accurately. Earn more points and unlock next car stunts 3d levels.

 – Nitro Mode On/Off : In car stunts 3d, now you can play with/without nitro-mode. Turn off nitro mode in the city but don’t forget to turn on at a time of take off.

 – Maintain your Nitro Power Bar : Throughout the car simulator 3d, maintain 3d stunt nitro power. Pick Nitro power-ups more and survive longer at the drag racing evening.

 – Extra Car Reset / Nitro button. : If your stunt car capsized, use car reset button at the time of car overturn. Pick nitro power-ups and tap the nitro button to gain airy speed.

 – Car Still feature in air : In the market, for the first time, Dev added brand new car still feature in air to energise your stunt class.

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