Etherlords (Arena)

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Etherlords (Arena) game free download

Etherlords (Arena) – a 3D strategy game with epic battles and amazing creatures!. Immerse yourself in Etherlords, a marvelous fantasy universe where the Vitals, Kinets, and Chaots are locked in a deadly confrontation for the world’s most vital and important resource.

Etherlords (Arena) game has a unique world-building gameplay mechanic with players spending their resources on building tiles which become living terrain. This terrain generates Ether and gives birth to Creatures that can be collected and deployed into battle. Collect and fuse creatures and fight for your world or conquer others!

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Etherlords includes an extensive multiplayer component with asynchronous PvP powered by user-generated worlds and creatures (which can be “fused” together). There are more than 180 creatures in total, including Wolves, Dragons, Witchdoctors, Scorpion Kings, and even a mighty Colossus.Find and rule them all!

Some main creative features of Etherlords (Arena), you can get experiment by yourself:

– Intense dynamic battles with outstanding animations and visual effects

– More than 200 creatures and heroes to fight under your command

– Huge number of upgrades — evolve and fuse your creatures in the Sky Lab

– Daily PvP tournaments – storm the ladder and win the Grand Prize

– Epic Bosses with unique abilities and challenging counter-strategies

– Seasonal and daily events featuring exclusive gameplay and unique enemies

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