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Drinking Game Free Download

Welcome to mobile games free download. If you’re looking to get in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

Drinking Game will help you turn the laborious task of alcohol consumption with friends into a fun activity!

The game is not only awesome, it’s also really easy to play, even when you’re drunk out of your mind.

The players take turns to draw a card. The player then follows the written instructions on the card, and then the player hands the device to the next player, that’s all there

All you need for this drinking game is:

– Three (or more) awesome buddies, who’re ready for some fun!;

– Delicious alcohol (the more the better);

– And last but not least, the will to push your self into alcoholic craziness!

The game features:

– Simple yet entertaining gameplay;

– More than 350 game cards, each with unique task (this includes the booster packs);

– Plandant and memorable atmosphere;

– Delightful graphics and beautifully illustrated cards;

– 3 game modes;

– The ability to remove unwanted cards from your deck;

– No annoying ads.

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