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Free mobiles game Shoot War: Professional Striker 3D we want to share the game with HD and 3D quality that you can play on android device with minimum version 2.3 and above. With offline mode, so without having to use the Internet network. With very small size, so not too consuming much memory your device. Please just those who want to play war Shoot: Professional striker, can be directly downloaded.

Shoot war: Professional striker – fight various enemies in different parts of the world. Shoot different guns and destroy enemies. In this Android game you need to help an elite special forces soldier complete difficult and dangerous missions. There are lots of strong enemies waiting for you. Navigate interesting locations, hide behind covers from enemy fire, and destroy enemy fighters. Earn money for completing missions and buy new, more powerful machine guns, assault rifles, and other weapons.

Shoot war: Professional  from the makers of Gun Shoot War

The game features:
–  Exquisite picture, multiple maps: Dust l、Grass、laboratory.
–  Simple,operation, touch whole screen operation, changeable control sensivity.
–  Realistic combat experience, rich combat action and combat sound
–  Leaderboards on which you can share more fun with global players

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