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Download Doraemon Repair Shop Game For Android

Game Doraemon Repair Shop is a game for iOS and Android in which you have to manage a workshop, repairing electronic equipment with the help of a famous Japanese character called Doraemon. You have to keep the customer happy, making sure that everyone is attended to in good time, as well as kept satisfied. It’s a fun game, but it lacks a tutorial explaining what to do. As a result, you have to fend for yourself when learning the ins and outs of the game.

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Join Doraemon, the futuristic robot cat, on another one of his schemes to get Dorayaki in this cute and challenging time management game set in Doraemon’s all-purpose repair shop. Prepare to test your speed and reflexes!

Help Doraemon, Noby, Shizuka, and friends run their brand new repair shop! Prevent discarded things from piling up and going to waste. You must manage the flow of the materials and direct Doraemon and his friends to various future gadgets that will fix broken appliances, furniture, and many more. Make your neighbors happy by fixing their stuff and they’ll reward Doraemon with tons of delicious Dorayaki!

Features Of Game Doraemon Repair Shop
1. Team up with Doraemon and friends to run the repair shop. 
2. Enjoy 9 challenging levels drawn in Doraemon’s signature art style.
3. Get temporary boosts using Doraemon’s amazing gadgets.
4. Train Doraemon and friends for better efficiency.
5. Use Doraemon’s ingenious tools to repair the items: Reconstruction Flash Light, Time Cloth, Dismantling Screwdriver, Boost Potion, Super Battery and X-Ray Camera .
6. Upgrade your tools for faster production.

Doraemon Repair Shop Game is a fascinating free racing games, great, we hope you love it!

Be quick to download Doraemon Repair Shop game on the same machine to experience the fun, bring about relaxation after hours of studying stress.

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