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Download Clash of Lords 2  game FREE

Clash of Lords 2 – the fastest-growing strategy game today.

Gather your forces and prepare for war in Clash of Lords 2. Bringing a fresh new spin to the world you know and love, experience new and electrifying thrills, stir true strategy mayhem unlike anything you’ve played before.

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✔ Mercenary Mania! Pair Heroes and Troops in Clash of Lords 2 to form invincible teams with the all-new Mercenary mode!

✔ Exhilarating & Easy-to-Play! Training troops is a thing of the past! Get into the heat of battle faster than ever with Clash of Lords 2!

✔ The Wild Bunch Are Here in Clash of Lords 2! Choose from a cavalcade of Heroes each with unique skills and abilities!

✔ Take Charge in Clash of Lords 2! Real-time command of your Heroes’ battle skills. More Power = More Fun!

✔ Guild Camaraderie! Rally your friends for more thrills and spills in Clash of Lords 2 Guilds!

✔ Play Your Way in Clash of Lords 2! Six battle modes of non-stop action. Master the Lords League, Resource Raids, Solo Campaigns, Hero Arena, Campaign Clash, and Battle Royale to reign supreme!

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