Apoc Wars: Zombies Clash

Download Apoc Wars: Zombies Clash game FREE

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Download Apoc Wars: Zombies Clash game FREE

Apoc Wars: Zombies Clash is a free strategy game on your Android, which lets you build a base of operation, train your troops, recruit superheroes and unlock more technology to defend against the zombie hordes.

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Download Free games – Apoc Wars: Zombies Clash now!. Build your base, defend it from the zombies, gather resources, train your army of fighters to help you defend your base, ally yourself with friends, coop against a common enemy, lots of enemy types, and join in on the league wars.

Some main creative features of 8 Ball Pool, you can get experiment by yourself:

– FREE to Play!

– 20+ Superheroes: IronMan, Hulk, Thor, Superman, Captain, Ichigo, Madara, EVA, Angel, Goku, etc;

–Hundreds of content: Mutants, Enemies, Heroes, Bosses, Super Weapons, etc

– Create your League to take part in League War with your friends!

– Challenge powerful Boss with your league mates!

– Take part in Zombie Challenge and capture them to fight for you!

– Play Arena with other players to win plenty of Power Stones!

– Save Dr. X out and he will help you to enhance the base!

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