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If you like interactive fiction or just want to try something different, this is the ultimate free download for you!

In a Delight Games interactive novel, you play the part of the main character and make choices for survival, love, wealth, fame, and more. Can you make it to the end? Can you achieve a new high score and rank? Now, with the Delight Games Library you can get ALL the Delight Games novels in a single download, including complete series like Wizard’s Choice and Zombie High.

Now you have found THE free library of interactive novels–30 titles with more on the way! Want to play a detective in a gritty noir novel? How about a teenager after a zombie apocalypse? A wizard in a medieval fantasy? And much more.

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Interactive novels included:

 – 10 volumes of Zombie High

 – 6 volumes of Wizard’s Choice

 – 4 volumes of Witch Saga

 – 3 volumes of Detective’s

 – 2 volumes of Bionic Bikini 

 – 1 volume of Ghost Hunter: JJ Jones

 – 1 volume of Superhero’s Choice

 – 1 volume of Monster Myths

 – 1 volume of Deep Space Huntress

 – 1 volume of Pirates Never Die

Main features of Game Delight:

 – 30 interactive novels. Over 1 million words with TONS of decisions to make.

 – Lots of checkpoints and the ability to go back on a choice.

 – New books are automatically added to your library when you update. No more hunting for new books!

 – Dozens of achievements, from challenging to playful. 

 – Stat booster for an extra dimension to strategic play.

Download games free and play rightnow !

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