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Game Defense Zone 3 HD Free Download For Cellphone

Defense Zone 3 HD is a new version of the famous Defense Zone game for mobile with the upgrade of weapons and terrain systems, especially the battles in Defense Zone 3 HD will be played on the map platform. Extremely vivid and attractive 3D graphics.

In this gameplayers will be able to use all the old turrets as well as new weapons. You have complete discretion over your budget expenditures. Should build new towers or upgrade and consolidate existing towers. The turrets are all different in attack range, firing speed and damage type. Match them up so they can support and strengthen each other.

Key features of game Defense Zone 3 HD:

• Four difficulty levels

• Eight kinds of turrets

• Eight special abilities, from Air Strikes to Nuclear Bombs

• Varied seasons and types of landscapes

• Support for over 20 languages

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