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Download Death Tour – Racing Action Game Free

Story-driven full single player campaign with Grand Theft Auto (GTA) style criminal plot. Death Tour – Racing Action Game is a vehicular combat game with amazing graphics, awesome classic cars and epic guns in the best traditions of Twisted Metal, Flatout, Mad Max and Carmageddon or Vigilante 8!

For the first time in mobile gaming: the best classic car combat on breathtaking race tracks and battle arenas. Deliver highly valuable cargo, but watch out: you are being hunted down. Drive through the racy storyline at full speed, reveal the secret of the stolen briefcase and revenge a gang of cold-blooded assassins.

Reach the top of criminal world shooting everything that moves. Choose the car you like, upgrade it in the garage and ram your enemies in Demolition Derby or destroy them with lethal weapons in Survival. 

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Some main feature of Death Tour – Racing Action Game:

 –  Top notch graphics and special effects. Get all you can from your mobile device!

 – Classic cars collection for connoisseurs: Ford Hot rod, Chevrolet, Porsche, Cadillac, Hippie Van and even the Soviet Volga!

 – Advanced physics: car frames and doors get dented and smashed like real!

 – Awesome pack of killer weapons: guided spider drones, stingers, self-guided supersonic ram and a heap of other crazy perks.

 – Garage with a selection of unbelievable frames, engines, bumpers and body kits that are unique for every car.

 – Several exquisitely modeled locations in unusual parts of the world: famous skyscrapers, an abandoned canyon, an old chapel and many more.

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