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Build a kingdom game free download

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Build a kingdom game free download

Build a kingdom is a free adventure game for Android, which will take you to a fairyland with amazing creatures, funny animals, and brave knights. Build magical castle and lots of useful buildings around it. Help the heroes defend the kingdom from the enemies.

In Build a kingdom, you do interesting tasks, turn a small village into a thriving kingdom. Build houses, bakeries, lumber mills, and so on. Talk to different characters like mysterious princess, vain knight, etc. Explore new territories and expand your kingdom. Build a Kingdom simulator propels you into a magical world in which you must fulfill your destiny by creating the land of your dreams and becoming a true kingdom-builder.

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Some main creative features of Build a kingdom:

– Build your kingdom with 25+ richly detailed, animated buildings and factories that include an apiary, blacksmith, bakery and magic castle

– Fulfil the prophecy about the princess and learn the secrets of the fairytale creatures inhabiting this mysterious land

– You’ll soon develop a real fondness for this charming little kingdom and its nice and funny inhabitants!

– Meet a cast of unforgettable characters, each with their distinct personalities

 – See the amazing fairytale world brought to life with incredible graphics and animations

– Defend your territory from unwelcome yet comical visitors including wolves, spiders and ghosts

Download Build a kingdom and start playing for free today!

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