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Download Bottle Shoot Game Free

Bottle Shoot Game is a free shooting games that brings bottle shooting madness on Android.

Shoot as many bottles as you can and aim for the Bottle Hunt Master with Bottle Shoot app from Droid Hermes. Playing the game is quite simple. You simply have to throw the stone and land it on the target bottles by swiping your finger on the touch screen. There also instances that glass breaking combos are done with just one stone toss.

Shooting bottles game download. Think you’ve got a good sight? This game allows you to aim and shoot the bottle and broken glass. Learn how to blow up glass! Smash bottles with bullets. In this battle you need to destroy the bottle to get points. Don’t waste time, the game over when the time is finished. Bottle shoot game for everybody, kids and adults.

Now shoot as many bottles as you can. Shoot like a real cowboy. Relieve your stress. Who will score the most points? It is a real pleasure. Become a sniper. Learn how to become a good shooter! Now, you can discover your skills!

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Main features of Bottle Shoot Game:

– Game for relax.

– Fun and simple!

– A big adventure with gun and sniper rifle.

– Great graphic, beautiful frames.

– Target can move in some levels.

– Target size changed from level to level.

– Different challenges.

– For phone and tablet.

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