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Bomber Friends game free download

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Bomber Friends game free download 

Bomber Friends is a free game app for the Android which lets you play with friends from across the globe and try to out-bomb each other for survival.

Bomber Friends game app is in multiplayer mode of 2 to up to 4 players at a time and compete in a given board to try to bomb each other dead, but whoever died from the game can still create some havoc on the playing field by becoming a ghost and haunt the other players and curse them.

So the players would have to bomb each other, collect as much coins as you can, pick-up power-ups, customize the look of your character, and watch out for the curses of the dead.

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Some main creative features of Bomber Friends:

– Online multiplayer for 2-4 players! Challenge your friends or play against random opponents.

– Campaign mode with over 100 levels! Find your way through 3 different worlds full of devious monsters!

– Classic Bomberman gameplay, with controls polished for touchscreen!

– Collect powerups and watch out for evil curses.

– Customize your character with cool hats, taunts, and greetings!

– The best bomber man or woman collects the most in-game coins.

– Includes google play achievements and leaderboards.

Download  Bomber Friends and start playing for free today!

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