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 Bodybuilding And Fitness Game Free Download

Bodybuilding and Fitness game is a body building game in sports game. It’s just like douchebag workout which is on computer. You eat food to get energy, but get fat. And you can workout and lose the fat,and gain a lort of muscle (I got a ton of muscle ). Get steroids, fat burners, protein. Really cool even though you press a button. I recommend this for people that like tapping games. 

Some main creative features of Bodybuilding and Fitness game:

– More than 5 exercises. Every workout, worked other muscles.

– List of most often used weight training exercises for each major muscle group.

– HD pictures .

– Ability to choose exercises in the gym.

– Each update contains new fitness exercise and improves the game.

– Every level you can use bigger weights and repetitions for each performed exercise. 

– Ability to change your hair and facial hair. Is not affect for exercise.

– Beatifull animations for every workouts progress, by: performance, weights and repetitions.

– You can train muscles every day, every time, but if your character level is too low, need eat! And the fitness days continous!

– Each exercise comes with different of the trained muscles.

– Ability to choose between Supplements…like protein, fat burner, creatine and other stuffs for use biger weights, faster grow, and for nice exercises.

Let go download button and follow download steps. If your motivation is big you can be a Bodybuilder.

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