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BBM – One of the most popular features of Blackberry is now available in Android. BBM app lets you communicate with your friends, with designed to remove the message or picture the recipient’s BBM chat view, they do not prevent recipients from capturing an image of the content by taking a screenshot or using an image capture device. 

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 In BBM you can share photos, files, voice notes and more. It also lets you know when one is replying to you, see when the message is delivered and read. This app also features group and multi person chats, BBM profile, send same message to multiple contacts and more. Specially, with BBM retracting a message after it has been read by the recipient will remove the message from the BBM chat view, but will not affect copies of the message that the recipient may have made prior to the message being retracted.

Some main creative features of BBM:

Chat with friends on Android

what you share is yours to control:

Chat and Share with many at once:

Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists, and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren’t part of your own BBM contact list.

BBM Channels: Join conversations happening now about the things you love.

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